Chill Group Services
What does that mean? It means you know exactly what you will pay for our services, before we start working on your finances. We offer standardized pricing to both our corporate clients and our personal tax clients. It’s just another way we do accounting differently! We know that clients appreciate a straight-forward, no-nonsense billing model. Just consistent invoices that arrive when you expect them. That’s why we’re proud to offer an outside-the-box solution that works!
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Owning a business requires means of monitoring your financial performance every day. At Chill Group, we provide detailed, investigative financial reports that help our clients understand (and perfect) each element of their company’s small business accounting and bookkeeping functions.
Are you struggling with balancing the books at your business? At Chill Group, we understand that planning for future while managing day-to-day operations isn’t easy. That’s why we offer small business budget planning services that work with your business strategy, to set you up for a long road of success!
With our in-house BusinessSpeak® Seminars, we take our clients through every stage of business ownership – from the initial business plan, all the way through to the budget strategy.
Business Plans
If you have been planning to create a growth plan as part of your business strategy, but haven’t known where to start, or even if you just have a concept and need a plan to bring it to life, we can help!
After years of serving the financial needs of our clientele, we noticed there was a need for a tool that allowed people to see how their business is performing monetarily in a convenient, easy-to-access way. That’s why we developed the ChillCaster®, our business intelligence tool! This revolutionary new tool allows you to receive all the vital information about your business finances in clear, direct language that is easily understood.
Corporate Year-End Tax
At Chill Group, we will work with you to create a tax strategy that ensures you are compliant with the law, but also set up for success for years to come!
CRA Representation
We’ll work with you to address any concerns about your return with the CRA. If your return is disputed or it is determined that you owe additional funds, we’ll work in your defense to get the best possible resolution.
Small Business Organizational Charts
At Chill Group, we want to help you prevent that for your own venture! We believe every entrepreneur should have a business organizational chart and management chart, and we can work with you to develop one.
Personal Tax Services
The Government often makes changes to tax forms, which can result in complications when filing taxes yourself. Our team at Chill Group has years of experience helping Edmontonians accurately and quickly file their personal tax forms.